The new interior design and landscaping company i.Concept International, based in Abu Dhabi, was incorporated and formed in the year 2008 by pre-qualified management. It has acquired over 16 years of experience in Interior Design, Decoration, Turnkey and Landscaping projects. i.Concept International is prestigious in interior designing, interior design planning, interior architectural planning & designing, home & office interior and landscaping design/architecture. It has built a reputation for interior and landscape design in premium destination Hotels and Resorts, Furnished Apartments, Government Projects and Private Villas in the Middle East & the Gulf Region, and employs a team of well-qualified personnel with diversity of experience in interior design, architectural design, home & office décor and landscaping design to refine our process in outstanding creativity and commitment to customer satisfaction with exceptional results.

Mission Statement:

Reputation is the key in the eyes of a discerning client. i.Concept International believes it is very important that client feel confident that their designer is both qualified and well established with the firm that they have selected. Design is a learning process that we approach. Comfort, function, and style are high on our priority list, as is the client's taste and budget. We believe that the process of interior design should be intelligent, creative and fun for both the client and us. Bringing a special talent for mixing fabrics, textures, and color to projects, our interiors are often sophisticated, unique, traditional, and eclectic. Merely, it is whatever the client wants it to be! i.Concept International is well familiar with the industry and manages the complexities of design and installation projects with a proven ability to interface well with vendors, contractors, and workrooms while ensuring each project is met on time, within budget, and with complete client satisfaction. Abreast of the latest trends in Interior/Landscape Designing, we provide comprehensive project studies starting from the interpretation of the client's needs going to the initial concept design up to the developed and detailed design study that includes specifications, bill of quantities, material selection, item fittings and project management with our international sources.

Qualified Professionalism:

i.Concept International is fully equipped with qualified team of professionals such as Interior Designers, CAD operators, 3D visualizers, Project/Site Engineers and Architects. We offer our clients a full range of Interior project design and management up to turnkey services to successfully implement capital projects while minimizing risk and delivering quality services in time and schedule.


The management is ready to meet the client's specific requirement and provide either the complete Full Design Documents, Drawings, Supervision of the works or complete design execution of work or Turnkey basis for Residential, Hotels/Hospitality, Offices, Public Spaces and Landscape Projects.

Goals And Objectives:

Our goal is to create the clients ideal environment, at home or work. We will guide you in designing attractive, yet functional facilities, saving you countless hours and costly mistakes. Every Interior Designer's main intention should be to reflect the client's ideas, image and goal, and should also cover exciting possibilities previously unexplored. i.Concept International is a rapidly growing interior and landscape designing company providing integrated solutions that not only make your desired spaces look remarkable but also create an optimal environment for achieving your corporate and personal lifestyle goal.

Quality Standards:

i.Concept International's ability is to produce high, qualified standards of unique concept design made with High Standard Materials, Furniture and Lightings available in Asia, Europe, North America and other countries to meet international level of expectations and satisfaction. Our Risk management etiquette ensures that our client's expectations for quality standards are always exceeded. Additionally, i.Concept International has Quality Management System, ISO 9001:2008 (International Organization for Standardization), compliant through our Global Mark certification. This ensures we provide quality products, service and safety as well as accurate project documentation in our fit out projects.

Services and Coordinated Approaches:

i.Concept International provides a complete compilation of interior design services including:

  • > Planning Interior Design, Construction/Installation and Supervision.
  • > Estimating material requirements and costs, and presenting the design to client for approval.
  • > Conferring with client to determine the factors affecting planning interior environments, such as budget, architectural preferences, purpose and function.
  • > Advising client on interior design factors, such as space planning, layout and utilization of furnishings and equipment, and color coordination.
  • > Selecting or designing, purchasing furnishings, art works and accessories.
  • > Formulating environmental plans to be practical, esthetic, and conducive to intended purposes.
  • > Subcontracting fabrication, installation and arrangement of carpeting, fixture, accessories.
  • > Rendering design ideas in form of paste-ups or drawings.
  • > Planning and designing interior environments for boats, planes and other enclosed spaces
  • > Designing Interior Concepts (including decorative lighting, art and accessories) and Schematic Interior Ideas as well as Design Development (production of fully dimensioned and coordinated schematic design packages)
  • > Drawing Detailed Interior Design documents
  • > Tendering co-ordination and evaluation