Landscaping design inspiration comes from i.Concept International's own and in-depth discussions with the client.
i.Concept objective is to balance the needs of the client and the stewardship of the land upon which the landscape design project will be constructed. We are committed to bring the highest value and greatest creativity to our project, bringing our wealth of experience in landscape architecture, having served our clients in the United Arab Emirates as well as the greater area of Middle East for many years. Our service is personal, reliable, reputable and professional. i.Concept International is creating high-performing and sustainable sites. Landscape architecture and design offers a core group of landscape architects, designers and artists dedicated to creating designs that meet our client’s highest goals. i.Concept International as a professional firm, have been creating exceptional outdoor design for the past two (2) years and we provide schematic landscape designs, landscape design development, landscape construction documents, landscape contractor bidding administration, landscape construction administration, landscape design consulting, irrigation design and all related services.

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